Mapdl.ddoption(decomp='', **kwargs)

Sets domain decomposer option for Distributed ANSYS.



Controls which domain decomposition algorithm to use.

AUTO - Use the default domain decomposition algorithm when splitting the model into

domains for Distributed ANSYS (default).

GREEDY - Use the “greedy” domain decomposition algorithm.

METIS - Use the METIS graph partitioning domain decomposition algorithm.


This command controls options relating to the domain decomposition algorithm used by Distributed ANSYS to split the model into pieces (or domains), with each piece being solved on a different processor.

The greedy domain decomposition algorithm starts from a single element at a corner of the model. The domain grows by taking the properly connected neighboring elements and stops after reaching the optimal size.

The METIS domain decomposition algorithm starts by creating a graph from the finite element mesh. It then uses a multilevel graph partitioning scheme which reduces the size of the original graph, creates domains using the reduced graph, and then creates the final CPU domains by expanding the smaller domains from the reduced graph back to the original mesh.