Mapdl.dflx(node='', bx='', by='', bz='', bx2='', by2='', bz2='', **kwargs)

Imposes a uniform magnetic flux B on an edge-element electromagnetic

APDL Command: DFLX model.


Nodes at which the edge-flux (AZ) constraints corresponding to the uniform magnetic flux are to be specified. Valid options are ALL (default) or Component Name. If ALL, constraints are applied to all selected nodes (NSEL).

bx, by, bz

Real components of magnetic flux B.

bx2, by2, bz2

Imaginary components of magnetic flux B.


The DFLX command sets the constraints on the edge-flux (AZ) degrees of freedom to produce a uniform magnetic flux B in an edge-based electromagnetic analysis using elements SOLID236 and SOLID237. The command ignores the corner nodes of the elements (even if they were selected) and imposes the AZ-constraints on the mid-side nodes only. The AZ-constraints are imposed in the active Cartesian coordinate system. A non-Cartesian coordinate system will be ignored by the DFLX command.

The edge-flux constraints at the mid-side nodes are derived from the magnetic vector potential A, which is related to the imposed magnetic flux B as follows:

where r is the position of the mid-side node.

The DFLX command creates a component named _DFLX for the constrained midside nodes. You can use this component to delete the constraints imposed by the DFLX command.

This command is also valid in PREP7.