Mapdl.lsread(lsnum='', **kwargs)

Reads load and load step option data into the database.



Identification number of the load step file to be read. Defaults to 1 + highest number read in the current session. Issue LSREAD,STAT to list the current value of LSNUM. Issue LSREAD,INIT to reset LSNUM to 1. The load step files are assumed to be named Jobname.Sn, where n is a number assigned by the LSWRITE command (01 –09,10,11, etc.). On systems with a 3-character limit on the extension, the “S” is dropped for LSNUM > 99.


Reads load and load step option data from the load step file into the database. LSREAD will not clear the database of all current loads. However, if a load is respecified with LSREAD, then it will overwrite the existing load. See the LSWRITE command to write load step files, and the LSDELE command to delete load step files. LSREAD removes any existing SFGRAD specification.

This command is also valid in PREP7.