Mapdl.mftol(key='', value='', toler='', **kwargs)#

Activates or deactivates normal distance checking for surface mapping

APDL Command: MFTOL in an ANSYS Multi-field solver analysis.


Normal distance key

ON - Activates normal distance checking.

OFF - Deactivates normal distance checking (default).


The normal distance tolerance for surface mapping. Defaults to 1.0e-6. If Toler = REL, Value is dimensionless. If Toler = ABS, Value has the dimensions of length.


Tolerance definition key

REL - Activates relative gap tolerance, which is independent of units (default).

ABS - Activates absolute gap tolerance.


For a dissimilar mesh interface, the nodes of one mesh are mapped to the local coordinates of an element in the other mesh. When normal distance checking is activated, the mapping tool checks the normal distance from the node to the nearest element. The node is considered improperly mapped if the normal distance exceeds the tolerance value. The mapping tool creates a component to graphically display the improperly mapped nodes. See Mapping Diagnostics in the Coupled-Field Analysis Guide for more information.

When using relative gap tolerance (Toler = REL), the normal distance tolerance is derived from the product of the relative tolerance Value and the largest dimension of the Cartesian bounding box for a specific interface. Therefore, each interface will have a different normal distance tolerance , even though MFTOL is a global command.

This command is also valid in PREP7.

See Multi-field Commands in the Coupled-Field Analysis Guide for a list of all ANSYS Multi-field solver commands and their availability for MFS and MFX analyses.

Distributed ANSYS Restriction: This command is not supported in Distributed ANSYS.