Mapdl.moddir(key='', directory='', fname='', **kwargs)

Activates the remote read-only modal files usage.


  • key

    Key to activate the remote modal files usage

    • "1 (ON or YES)" : The program performs the analysis using remote modal files. The files are read-only.

    • "0 (OFF or NO)" : The program performs the analysis using modal files located in the working directory (default).

  • directory – Directory path (248 characters maximum). The directory contains the modal analysis files. The directory path defaults to the current working directory.

  • fname – File name (no extension or directory path) for the modal analysis files. The file name defaults to the current Jobname.


Only applies to spectrum analyses (ANTYPE,SPECTR).

Using the default for both the directory path (Directory) and the file name (Fname) is not valid. At least one of these values must be specified.

The MODDIR command must be issued during the first solution and at the beginning of the solution phase (before LVSCALE in particular).

Remote modal files usage is not supported when mode file reuse is activated (modeReuseKey = YES on SPOPT).