Mapdl.mode(mode='', isym='', **kwargs)

Specifies the harmonic loading term for this load step.

APDL Command: MODE


Number of harmonic waves around circumference for this harmonic loading term (defaults to 0).


Symmetry condition for this harmonic loading term (not used when MODE = 0):

1 - Symmetric (UX, UY, ROTZ, TEMP use cosine terms; UZ uses sine term) (default).

-1 - Antisymmetric (UX, UY, ROTZ, TEMP use sine terms; UZ uses cosine term).


Used with axisymmetric elements having nonaxisymmetric loading capability (for example, PLANE25, SHELL61, etc.). For analysis types ANTYPE,MODAL, HARMIC, TRANS, and SUBSTR, the term must be defined in the first load step and may not be changed in succeeding load steps.

This command is also valid in PREP7.