Mapdl.opncontrol(lab='', value='', numstep='', **kwargs)

Sets decision parameter for automatically increasing the time step

APDL Command: OPNCONTROL interval.



DOF - Degree-of-freedom label used to base a decision for increasing the time step

(substep) interval in a nonlinear or transient analysis. The only DOF label currently supported is TEMP.

OPENUPFACTOR - Factor for increasing the time step interval. Specify when AUTOTS,ON is issued

and specify a VALUE > 1.0 (up to 10.0). The default VALUE = 1.5 (except for thermal analysis, where it is 3.0). Generally, VALUE > 3.0 is not recommended.

value, numstep

Two values used in the algorithm for determining if the time step interval can be increased. Valid only when Lab = DOF.


This command is available only for nonlinear or full transient analysis.