Mapdl.psdgraph(tblno1='', tblno2='', **kwargs)

Displays input PSD curves


  • tblno1 – PSD table number to display.

  • tblno2 – Second PSD table number to display. TBLNO2 is used only in conjunction with the COVAL or the QDVAL commands.


The input PSD tables are displayed in log-log format as dotted lines. The best-fit curves, used to perform the closed-form integration, are displayed as solid lines. If there is a significant discrepancy between the two, then you should add one or more intermediate points to the table to obtain a better fit.

If TBLNO2 is zero, blank, or equal to TBLNO1, then the autospectra (PSDVAL) are displayed for TBLNO1. If TBLNO2 is also specified, then the autospectra for TBLNO1 and TBLNO2 are displayed, along with the corresponding cospectra (COVAL) and quadspectra (QDVAL), if they are defined.

This command is valid in any processor.