Mapdl.sfdele(nlist='', lab='', **kwargs)

Deletes surface loads.


  • nlist

    Label defining where to find the list of nodes:

    ALL - Use all selected nodes [NSEL]. If P, use graphical picking in GUI. A

    component label may be substituted for Nlist.

  • lab – Valid surface load label. If ALL, use all appropriate labels. See the SF command for labels.


Deletes surface loads as applied with the SF command. Loads are deleted only for the specified nodes on external faces of selected area and volume elements. For shell elements, if the specified nodes include face one (which is usually the bottom face) along with other faces (such as edges), only the loads on face one will be deleted. The element faces are determined from the list of selected nodes as described for the SF command. See the SFEDELE command for deleting loads explicitly by element faces.

This command is also valid in PREP7.