Mapdl.time(time='', **kwargs)

Sets the time for a load step.

APDL Command: TIME


Time at the end of the load step.


Associates the boundary conditions at the end of the load step with a particular TIME value.

TIME must be a positive, nonzero, monotonically increasing quantity that “tracks” the input history. Units of time should be consistent with those used elsewhere (for properties, creep equations, etc.).

Typically, for the first load step TIME defaults to 1. However, for the first load step of a mode-superposition transient analysis (ANTYPE,TRANS and TRNOPT,MSUP), the TIME command is ignored and a static solution is performed at TIME = 0.

For a full transient analyses, the command’s default behavior does not apply. You must specify a time for each load step and it must be greater than the time at the end of the prior load step.

TIME does not apply to modal (ANTYPE,MODAL), harmonic (ANTYPE,HARMIC), or substructure (ANTYPE,SUBSTR) analyses.

This command is also valid in PREP7.